Announcing Euclid Traffic for people counting

Deployed across 100+ locations with Xovis, Euclid Traffic empowers retailers, malls and restaurants to compare traffic across locations, staff locations more effectively based on visitor flow, and evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns.

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Drive more revenue through Black Friday and beyond

Start collecting data that will help inform your marketing and budget decisions next year with Euclid's Wi-Fi solutions. Digital analytics for the physical world are just a click away.

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Introducing Euclid Connect, re-imagining the Wi-Fi experience.

Delivering the missing link to monitor, manage and harmonize multi-channel attribution and visitor engagement, Euclid Connect helps brands perfect the in-store experience and build loyalty.

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Insights and personalization for the physical world.

Euclid Analytics transforms how people engage with the physical world by providing essential visitor insights to power personalized experiences, long-lasting loyalty and online-to-offline attribution.

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Euclid Traffic

Euclid Traffic

Measure visitor count across locations

Euclid Insight

Euclid Insight

Analyze visitor behavior and loyalty

Euclid Connect

Euclid Connect

Directly attribute visits to marketing campaigns

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Trusted by hundreds of global brands in 65 countries worldwide, Euclid analyzes over 10 billion events monthly and 300 million shopping sessions yearly.

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