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The fastest way to get started with essential analytics for brick and mortar businesses.
Activation is easy, quickly providing you with industry-leading customer intelligence.
U.S. Retail Benchmarks. Retail failed to
emerge from the snow in March.
Euclid captures millions of shopping sessions and billions of measurements to
create a comprehensive monthly analysis of shopper behavior
Customers are more than transactions.
"I've always dreamed of analytics for brick and mortar that go beyond transaction data. The information
available through Euclid is helping us improve the customer experience and our bottom line."
- Jacob Jaber, CEO, Philz Coffee

Answers and insights for physical locations.

Euclid empowers brick and mortar operations by delivering answers and insights just like
the online clickstream. From measuring shopper engagement and loyalty
to optimizing operations, Euclid supercharges your business potential.

Targeted solutions for specific results.

Every Euclid product is designed to deliver business-specific results.
Whether you have one location or a hundred, Euclid helps you better
understand customer behavior, improve experiences, and measure success.


QSR and Coffee

Maximize your customer throughput at peak and by daypart. Measure loyalty by customer segment.

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Specialty Retail

Drive higher same store sales by measuring offline marketing impact and improving shopper experiences.

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Large Format Retail

Zone-level analytics deliver a comprehensive view across your department store, big box, or event venue.

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Powerful features. Essential answers.

img Understand store visit patterns, duration & frequency
img Measure marketing ROI with storefront conversion
img Assess customer experience with engagement & bounce
img Optimize & benchmark store performance across time
img Build smarter customer profiles
img Grow chain loyalty & cross-shopping
img View full data history & export
img Utilize advanced analytics to deepen customer insights

Just add Wi-Fi.

Euclid works securely within your network infrastructure. If you have in-store Wi-Fi
from one of our many vendor partners, you can turn your existing access points into
Euclid sensors with the push of a button.

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