From millennials to baby boomers, consumers seek mobile experiences in-store

Study reveals that Wi-Fi will play an elevated role as consumers bring their online expectations into the offline world.


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Learn why Euclid was named by Forrester as one of 20 startups all retail eBusiness executives should know.


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Trusted by over 500 global brands in 45 countries worldwide and counting, Euclid analyzes over 10 billion events monthly and 300 million shopping sessions yearly.

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    Brands closely watch millennials, as they represent almost $200B in buying power. However, as a generation that grew up constantly connected, millennial males and females also expect the most from retail brands. Through Euclid’s research in partnership with Harris Poll, we discovered (to no one’s surprise) that millennial consumers want seamless, digital shopping experiences while they are in […]

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    Foodservice within convenience stores represents a $13 billion industry. Yes, that’s billion with a “B.” It’s also the second largest retail/foodservice category behind supermarkets. With the decreasing price of fuel, c-store owners and operators have an opportunity to capitalize on additional disposable income in the pockets of patrons through snacks and beverages. At the same […]

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  • Here’s Looking at Euclid: Andrew Borella

    By Adrienn Hopkins, People Ops

    Here’s Looking at Euclid showcases our bright-shining team members. Every so often, we like to interview Euclideans to see what brought them here, what keeps them here and what they’re doing when they hang up their Euclid hat. This time, we hear from Andrew Borella.   What do you do for Euclid? I am on the Sales […]

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  • 3 Key Transformations Happening In Retail Right Now

    By Brent Franson

    How often have you heard the following? It’s all about the customer. The customer is at the heart of everything we do. This year, the focus is on the customer. Let’s face it: no matter the industry, we can all agree the customer is central to success. This is absolutely nothing new. But we can take […]

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