Privacy Matters

Euclid worked with US Senators and the Future of Privacy Forum to establish the Mobile Location Analytics Code of Conduct, standardizing mobile device data privacy. Simply put, consumer privacy comes first.

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No personal information. No identifying data.

The reports we provide to retailers do not include any personal information. We make no attempts to link any data, behavioral or otherwise, to individual people.

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Limited data collected.

Our sensors collect only basic device information that is broadcast by Wi-Fi enabled phones. This does not include any sensitive data such as who you are, whom you call, or the websites you visit.

Easy opt-out and deletion.

Shoppers with any concerns can easily opt out of participation and delete all of their existing data from our servers by clicking the button below.

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To fully inform shoppers about foot-traffic analysis, we provide guidelines for retailers who use our service to post notices clearly in their stores.

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Euclid is committed to protecting the individual privacy of shoppers. For more information, read our Privacy Statement.