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The Single Number Mall Operators Need for Leasing Decisions

By Ryan Irish | Best Practices | 14 June, 2016

In the physical world, retailers and mall operators have historically relied upon their instincts to make decisions, as physical world data has not been readily available. Euclid has been able to bridge this gap by leveraging the proliferation of smartphones and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi to provide retailers and mall operators with analytics around how […]

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Top 3 Things I Learned from Fast Casual Franchisees

By Andrew Matthews | Customer Success | 06 June, 2016

  (1) Retail analytics are REALLY helpful for data-driven restaurant chains Sure, it’s self-serving, but hear me out. A few weeks ago, I represented Euclid Analytics as a featured vendor for a prominent, forward-thinking fast casual chain during their Bi-annual Franchisee Convention. Our solution is one of three ingredients in the chain’s Guest Experience program […]

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Read This Before Applying to Work Here

By Brent Franson | Euclid Culture | 25 May, 2016

Expectations: we’re always setting them, personally and professionally, but they’re especially crucial when we’re deciding where to work or who to hire. Either way, the decision will significantly impact both the company and the person – so the wrong choice can be very costly to each. Creating culture is hard and the easiest place to […]

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Infographic: In-Store Preferences Vary Among Millennials

Brands closely watch millennials, as they represent almost $200B in buying power. However, as a generation that grew up constantly connected, millennial males and females also expect the most from retail brands. Through Euclid’s research in partnership with Harris Poll, we discovered (to no one’s surprise) that millennial consumers want seamless, digital shopping experiences while they are in […]

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