Best Practices

Who Owns Cross-Channel Marketing?

By Andrea Wasserman | Best Practices | 17 March, 2017

As the number of ways we can see and reach customers grows, seemingly at an exponential rate, retail organizations also become more complex. More sharing is needed. Meeting calendars are filling up faster than ever. When an initiative touches marketing, online/mobile, store visits, and tech, who owns it? Everyone? No one?

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The Single Number Mall Operators Need for Leasing Decisions

By Ryan Irish | Best Practices | 14 June, 2016

In the physical world, retailers and mall operators have historically relied upon their instincts to make decisions, as physical world data has not been readily available. Euclid has been able to bridge this gap by leveraging the proliferation of smartphones and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi to provide retailers and mall operators with analytics around how […]

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