Get More Value From Your Wi-Fi with Euclid

Every e-commerce site knows how many people visit, how long do they stay and how  often do they return. This is essential  information for measuring and managing any business. As a leading innovator in the location analytics space, Euclid offers retailers tailored solutions that provide the same insights to marketing, strategy, and operations executives for brick and […]

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Announcing The Euclid Reseller Program

Officially launching the Euclid Reseller Program with GDT, Tekmark, Zen Systems, Pixsell(WowTV), Digital Inn, Jade Solutions, WiFi Profs, NAS Wireless, 2Brains, Frontera, Retail IN, Inlink Mobile PTY, MAC Telemetry, Lexel Systems Ltd. As more brick and mortar businesses recognize the growing need for data-driven decisions, thousands of locations have already turned to Euclid to make data-driven […]

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We’re Live with Aerohive!

By Alexander Reichert, Insights | Partners | 10 July, 2013

Once upon a time, measuring in-store activity was cumbersome and expensive, with lots of cameras, cables, and boxes to install. Today, retailers can get answers and insights about their shopping experience without installing anything at all. With Euclid Analytics, your existing in-store Wi-Fi hardware is all you need to start measuring your stores’ opportunity, engagement, […]

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