Euclid metrics

We go beyond traffic counting to provide a more complete picture of what’s happening inside your stores. Here are just a few of the real-world metrics we provide:
  • How well do your window displays pull shoppers into the store? Find out your Capture Rate and actively improve it.

  • Are most of your shoppers regular customers or first-timers? Optimize for the segment that drives the most sales.

  • How much business is walking right by the door? Launch your sales on the days with the highest Walkby traffic.

  • How long do your shoppers spend in the store? Are they engaging with staff or waiting in line?

  • How often do shoppers come in the door each month? Are your daily deals generating loyal customers?

  • Are shoppers staying long enough to make a purchase? Or do they "bounce" in just a few minutes? Measure the percentage that stay for a period of time you specify.

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