Easy to implement and scale

Euclid Analytics is the easiest way to measure real-world shopper behavior at all of your stores.

Our plug-and-play sensor installs in 2 minutes - just connect power and internet. Each sensor is the size of a deck of cards and covers up to 24,000 square feet.

If you have existing in-store Wi-Fi from Aruba, Aerohive, or other leading providers, you can turn your existing access points into Euclid sensors with the push of a button.

Once your sensors are up and running, you can view reports for all your locations in our easy-to-use web Dashboard.

Take a closer look at how our technology works:

  • Euclid Analytics measures the behavior of all your shoppers that are carrying a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone. Typically, this is 40-70% of your shoppers, depending on the business and location.

  • Smartphones constantly send out short "pings" as they search for Wi-Fi networks nearby. These pings include the phone's MAC address (a unique identifier associated with a specific device) and other non-personal information like signal strength that we use to determine rough location.

  • Using your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or our compact plug-and-play sensor, we record pings and send them to the cloud. For privacy, we scramble each MAC address using a one-way hashing algorithm. Because shoppers don't need to actually connect to your Wi-Fi network or install a mobile app, you can measure their activity without interrupting their shopping experience.

  • Our advanced heuristics extract actionable insights from the data and store them in Amazon's highly secure datacenters.
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  • Use our web-based Dashboard and scheduled email reports to measure and optimize your business.