Euclid Zero – Real-world
analytics from your in-store Wi-Fi

In-store insights and answers with zero additional hardware

  • • Get Euclid Analytics without dedicated sensors
  • • Works with top enterprise Wi-Fi providers
  • • Eliminates installation hassle and cost

Looking to measure shopping activity across your entire chain, but daunted by the cost and hassle of procuring and installing hardware for hundreds of locations? Euclid Zero is the answer. With a single click, Euclid Zero gives retailers, malls, and other venues customer insights and answers from their existing Wi-Fi access points.

Euclid Zero eliminates the need for dedicated sensors, costly in-store installation, or complicated setup. Once enabled, retailers can access actionable insights for improving shopper engagement, loyalty, and revenue, all through Euclid's easy-to-use web-based dashboard.

Smarter decisions, zero hassles.

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