Connecting the physical world.

Euclid offers three distinct products to meet the needs of retailers, restaurants and malls.

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Euclid Traffic

Euclid Traffic

Euclid Traffic provides best-in-class people counting technology coupled with a simple, easy-to-use dashboard. Partnering with top traffic counting vendors, Euclid delivers a compelling and cost-effective solution.

  • Measure visitor count across locations
  • Staff your locations more effectively based on weekly, daily and hourly flow
  • Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns on traffic
Euclid Insight

Euclid Insight

Euclid Insight uses your existing WI-Fi network to sense the non-personal Wi-Fi signals emitted by smartphones. This raw data is then aggregated, analyzed and automatically turned into valuable insights.

  • Analyze aggregated visitor behavior
  • Measure repeat visits and loyalty trends
  • Improve operations by understanding duration, bounce rate and sales drivers
  • Identify the visitor patterns between locations within a chain
Euclid Connect

Euclid Connect

Euclid Connect is a Wi-Fi-based platform that empowers brands to market more effectively and personalize in-store experiences. Through the use of smartphones, existing Wi-Fi and a single visitor login, Euclid Connect enables businesses to build a relationship with their patrons and influence the path to purchase.

  • Directly attribute digital marketing campaigns with in-store visits
  • Re-market to your visitors to encourage additional purchases
  • Segment visitors based on behavior to refine targeting and offers
  • Understand the entire customer buying journey across channels