Choose the best plan for your business

We understand that different businesses have different needs. Euclid offers two product tiers: Euclid Express and Euclid Advanced.

Euclid Express Euclid Advanced

Real-time visibility

Start seeing real-time data and trends upon activation

Essential customer analytics

Outside opportunity, storefront conversion, visits, visit duration, engagement, bounce, new vs. repeats and more

Trend analysis

Compare metrics across all time and location

Share and download

Unlimited dashboard logins and download data to csv

Packaged business solutions

Measure marketing ROI, optimize store performance, and improve experience for specialty retail, QSR & coffee, large format and more

Advanced analytics capabilities

Integration of sales and event data, cross-location analytics, predictive analysis, zone-level data*, benchmarking and more

Deep Excel integration and report broadcasting

Automated export to data warehouse and BI tools

API access*

Onboarding, training, and services

Advanced analytics training, 5 sessions with Euclid Professional Services, and Client Success Manager

Online support

Phone support and account management


FREE $100 per store per month*

*Additional pricing may apply for added features. Volume discounts available. Contact Euclid for a custom proposal built around your needs.

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