Expand your reach

Collect rich shopper profiles in-store and increase your known customer database

In-Store Acquisition

Euclid allows you to quickly collect in-store profiles to enhance your customer database and build high-value lookalike audiences to expand your advertising reach. In fact, Euclid customers see a 2-6x lift in store visits from Euclid-based lookalike audiences compared to other third-party sources.

Expand your known customer list with in-store acquisition

Leverage your brick-and-mortar locations to acquire customers and enhance your customer database with email addresses collected through guest Wi-Fi. By enriching customer data with in-store shopper profiles, personalization across all channels becomes more refined, relevant, and impactful.

Build high-value lookalike audiences with in-store profiles

By collecting in-store profiles regardless of purchase, Euclid provides a new, high-intent audience segment. When Euclid profiles are synced with social media advertising platforms to build lookalike audiences, retail marketers can effectively expand their reach, acquire customers with a higher lifetime value, and increase their return on ad spend.

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Create digital in-store experiences regardless of purchase

Engage your customers and collect email addresses before the point of sale. Leverage existing Wi-Fi to create compelling mobile experiences in-store that delight your shoppers while providing a touchpoint to influence the path to purchase. Whether you’re looking to connect your patron with in-store services, provide a coupon or encourage a loyalty program sign-up, Euclid allows you to deliver compelling mobile experiences.

Euclid Analytics’ solution helps us understand our customers on a new and more meaningful level by illuminating an untapped, high-intent audience for us.

Steve Miller -VP, Marketing & Business Development
Joann Fabric and Craft Stores