How it works.

  • Euclid senses how smartphones flow through the space, how long they stay, and how often they return.

  • Smartphones send out short "pings" as they search for Wi-Fi networks nearby. These pings include the phone's MAC address (a unique string of letters and numbers), signal strength, and other non-personally identifiable information.

  • Using your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or our compact plug-and-play sensor, we record pings and send them to our cloud-based systems. To protect shoppers' privacy, we scramble each MAC address using a one-way hashing algorithm.

  • Our advanced heuristics extract actionable insights from the data and store the results in Amazon's highly secure datacenters.
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  • Our web-based dashboard and scheduled email reports make it easy and convenient to measure and optimize your business.

Our technology makes it simple.

We're partners with the major Wi-Fi hardware vendors — making activation easy on existing hardware. If your vendor's not listed, we've got you covered with our plug-and-play sensors. With Euclid, you can get started in any location with power and connectivity.