Who Does Omnichannel Best? (Part 2)

By Andrea Wasserman | industry | 17 February, 2017

With so many retailers focused on “omnichannel” and today’s dominant channels being web/mobile and physical stores, our industry needs to talk more about data linking the two.

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Why You Should Be Glad the Customer in Your Store is Looking at Her Phone

By Andrea Wasserman | industry | 02 February, 2017

Consumer sector leader, Andrea Wasserman, discusses some of the many ways retailers can use Wi-Fi to provide a better experience for the customer walking around their stores, phone in hand.

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3 Opportunities Retailers Are Missing

By Brennan O'Donnell | industry | 02 February, 2017

The last two decades have marked a massive transformation in the retail landscape, but the past few years have forced retailers to confront serious challenges. These are the three things retailers need to capitalize on to remain relevant this year.

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Amazon Go Is the Future of Retail

By Brent Franson | industry | 26 January, 2017

If you think Amazon Go, the new walk in/walk out concept grocery store that will open to the public this year, is about produce, you’re missing the point.

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3 Reasons Why Macy’s Struggles Are Sad But Not Surprising

By Brent Franson | industry | 09 January, 2017

Macy's announced recently that it will be moving forward with closing 68 stores and laying off nearly 4,000 workers after a tough holiday season. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention - and here's why.

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