11 Jaw-dropping Statistics on Digital Disruption and Generational Shifts in the Restaurant Industry

By Makenna Nielsen | industry | 17 July, 2017

Retailers aren’t the only ones that are experiencing a major upheaval as Gen Z builds buying power and mobile continues to disrupt the path to purchase – restaurants are too. Here are 11 staggering statistics about two major trends we are seeing in the restaurant industry: Want to learn more about Euclid and how we […]

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7 Strategies Retailers Can Borrow from the ‘Amazon Books’ Store

By Andrea Wasserman | industry | 11 July, 2017

Depending on whom you ask and what you read, Amazon Books, which will have 13 stores by the end of the year, represents the future of retail or the death of retail. Or, it’s not evil, it’s just dumb. Disagreements about its brick-and-mortar manifestation aside, Amazon has provided much inspiration (and, yes, grey hair) to […]

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Mind the Gap: How Men and Women REALLY Feel about In-store Technology

By Makenna Nielsen | industry | 26 June, 2017

Mobile plays a central role in brick-and-mortar visits. But once a shopper enters the physical store, they are not looking for a tech-first experience. They want a break – an immersive, sensory experience that still incorporates human interaction at its core. While technology has a place in physical retail, it needs to enhance, not distract […]

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3 Reasons Why Michael Kors Needs Coach-ing (Yes, That Is A Purse Pun)

By Brent Franson | industry | 16 June, 2017

Michael Kors recently announced that it will shutter as many as 125 of its stores, approximately 15 percent of its total physical footprint. It’s certainly not the first retailer to make some difficult choices – and, of course, will not be the last. And although it’s easy to make the leap to the same reason […]

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Retailers Using Stores for Turnarounds and Growth

By Andrea Wasserman | industry | 13 June, 2017

After my last post about what’s working in retail this year, I had a conversation with Euclid (a client) about how specific store initiatives are being launched by companies at different points in their lifecycles. Sometimes, stores are a turnaround weapon on a seemingly-digital battleground. In this podcast, Best Buy’s chief digital officer talked about […]

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